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Portable Extranets

Convopods enables you to create extranet sites that are portable.

​Our robust toolkit enables you to quickly make and share your site, monitor activity, then export all the content, feedback, and activity.

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Our Mission

Create simple tools to capture to the essential info about your business-critical decision-making processes.

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The Convopods Advantage

Easy-to-use, flexible tools

Our feature set is robust, yet simple to manage and configure. 

Choose the features you want in your pod,

provide some basic information about your meeting or project,


then start inviting people.


Our platform enables your to export the entire contents of your pod in two formats:


PDF and ZIP.

The PDF is a high-fidelity compendium of the pod activity, commentary and feedback.

Data Ownership

You control your data. 


You control users access and have access to pod activity in real-time. 

You can archive or delete pods at any time.

Highly Reusable

When you export a pod, the ZIP file is a high-fidelity archive.

This is your site template.  It can be used to clone a site or bring an archived pod back online.

Start a Free Trial

You can start today.   Sign up for a no obligation, FREE 21-day trial.

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